Plan Reveals Conspiracy Using ‘Signs’ & ‘Intrigue’ On Governments & The Masses [Video]

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Video shows how recent signals from the prophecies reveal the plan of the Antichrist & False Prophet’s conspiracy to use ‘signs’ & ‘intrigue’ to take control of governments and the masses.

It describes how the Books of Daniel and Revelation prophecies reveal that in an evil conspiracy the evil duet of the antichrist and false prophet through secret plans and dark powers will bring in their world government.

The video also describes indicators in events happening now making the direct total connection to the prophetic methods the antichrist and false prophet will use to come in and seize power over kingdoms of the world.

Revealing the progressive plan and methods of the most powerful political and religious leaders the world shall ever know, in their conspiracy through their dark evil powers to captivate the leaders of governments and the masses, ultimately implementing their system of economic control, the Mark of the Beast.

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