PROPHECY COURSE: Signs of the Last Days Revealed Part 1


As we watch the signs of our times grow increasingly alarming, we realize now is the time to seriously study the prophetic Word of God so to have an understanding of the times and what is coming in the future. This prophecy course will help you as Jesus said to discern the signs of the times by understanding the Signs of the Last Days Jesus revealed in Matthew 24 and connect world events to Scriptural prophecy.  

This online prophecy course with an introduction, 10 lessons, and conclusion, is filled with dynamic content on the Signs of the Last Days from Matthew 24. The lessons in the course contain a multi-media video presenting the content, a worksheet that facilitates your study which includes an outline, Scriptural readings, activities, and as a template for notes, prayer list and action items, then there are questions for learning reflection at the end.

The teacher for the course is William Thompson, whose strong interest in Scriptural prophecy and teaching people to recognize it in world events goes back several decades, beginning with his undergraduate degree in Theology from seminary and on to a graduate degree of a Master in Education from a Christian university, and then many years of teaching.

As we go deeper into the end-time of human government with more prophetic fulfillment than ever before in mankind’s history, this is an opportunity to use technology-enabled learning methods with  flexibility and light work load to gain more understanding and better prepare for the return of Jesus in these busy and complex times.



Signs of the Last Days Revealed Part 1 Trailer

The prophecies of Holy Scripture show us we are living in the Last Days as Apostle Paul and Peter described, so it’s incredibly important to be aware of the signs near the coming of Jesus at the end of the age. This prophecy course provides learning methods and information  to help one be aware of the Signs of the Last Days® in prophecy as we draw closer to the return of Jesus Christ. 

This prophecy course includes information on:

  • Signs of the Last Days Revealed by Jesus with Analysis from Sources as Scripture, History, Science, and Events
  • The Importance of Prophecy and the Danger of Lacking an Understanding
  • How to Understand Prophecy including 4 Important Keys to the 3 Dimensions of Prophecy
  • What are Signs and What are the Last Days
  • Signs of the Last Days Prophecies of the Coming of Jesus
  • What Jesus said is the most Dangerous Sign of the Last Days
  • The most Horrific World War ever coming in the Middle-East from Islam leading to Armageddon
  • How Nationalism is Happening and Leading to Anti-Christ World Government
  • Signs of the Awful Specter of Famine
  • Indications of the Pale Rider of Deathly Pestilence on the Biblical Scale
  • Signs of Great Earthquakes Leading to Earth’s Great Tribulation then Return of Jesus.

 *Warning: This educational course provides information on the Signs of the Last Days® from sources as Scripture, history, science, and events that can at times be very dramatic and graphic.

Proceeds from this resource go into supporting the charitable activities of this non-commercial, non-profit U.S. registered 501(c)(3) charity.

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