Video: U.S.A. & JERUSALEM- the coming Peace, Temple, & Anti-christ


The U.S.A.’s announcement that America was recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital was a major Last Days sign. In this prophecy video, we look at how this event triggered an opening of a prophetic pathway to fulfillment of Last Day’s prophecies.

Get this multi-media video now, and watch how the U.S.A. is positioning Israel to move forward into the coming fulfillment of Last Days Prophecy that helps bring about a Middle East peace agreement, a Last Days Jewish Temple, and revealing  of the Anti-christ



Discover from the Biblical prophecies how the U.S.A.’s declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and moving the U.S. embassy there, is a major Last Days sign opening a prophetic pathway that can:

  • lead to a prophetic peace agreement with the Jewish state of Israel and parties in the Middle East;
  • provide the opportunity for Israel to erect a Last Days Jewish Temple in Jerusalem;
  • and ultimately lead to the revealing  of the Anti-christ in Jerusalem;

and learn from prophecy, history, and events how that:

  • the USA is opening up Jerusalem End-Time prophecy;
  • the Anti-christ world order revived the same time as the nation of Israel was re-born;
  • the conditions leading to Europe’s Hitler rising to power are happening again for the Anti-christ to rise to power;
  • as the Balfour Declaration legitimized the nation of Israel to its homeland, the U.S. Trump declaration can legitimize a Last Days Jerusalem Temple;
  • the Rapture and revealing of the Anti-christ are connected;
  • and the Great Tribulation starts at Jerusalem.

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