Prophecy Of Magog: Russia Surprise Invasion Of Israel

Signs of the Last Days® MinistryGeneral

This video features the amazing Last Days Prophecy when Gog of Magog invades Israel and it describes how Ezekiel tells who does this and why, where, and what will be the result.

The multi-media presentation brings together history, geography, and the signs of current events that point toward fulfillment of the prophecy along with the potential impacts of the events that could trigger ramifications for countries affecting the entire world. And how these could pave the way for end-time events culminating in the great tribulation of the Last Days.

This video feature provided by the ministry of Signs of the Last Days™ has segments in it that can provide greater awareness of current and future world events foretold in Scripture. Watch Scripture and the news come together in light of this ancient but relevant prophecy for greater understanding of what’s happening in these Last Days.