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This Reuters post states that the beginning of World War Three may have already begun in Syria and Iraq. And goes on to say, Iraq remains the center of what Jordanian King Abdullah now refers to as the Third World War.

It is where Islamic State was birthed, and where the United States seems to be digging in for the long haul.

The recent deaths of Marines in Iraq exposed the fact the United States has now set up firebases there. Which also exposed that the Pentagon had misrepresented the number of American personnel in Iraq by thousands.

Special operations forces range across the landscape. The Pentagon is planning for even more troops. It is a fact, America now has boots on the ground again in Iraq.

But the mixing pot of this Middle East on the Euphrates River is a swirling mess of corrupt in-fighting governments who are also fighting rebel groups. Also, the terrorists as Al Qaeda and Islamic State are there, and then a plethora of nation states locally and from the world; from the U.S. to Russia and in-between, are responding to the terrorists there in hope of keeping them outside of their own borders.

The Mediterranean sea is filling with navy ships, the battlefield grounds and then the skies above have been filled with all of these war players and their soldiers, artillery, and fighter jets. Where all it would take is for their to be an incident that triggers a domino of events leading to tragic consequences.

And this explosive brew with so many triggers is all right next door to Israel. Who is the one subject that most all of the Islamists can agree on, that they hate and want to destroy.

Indeed, as the Reuters post infers, the seeds of the Middle East World War of Revelation Prophecy are sprouting forth. World War Three may have already begun in Iraq and Syria along the Euphrates River.