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Reuters exclusive video reports Russia’s military has shipped more into Syria than it has removed, therefore actually beefing up a stronger military presence.

Putin played the media game by announcing a “partial drawdown” of Russian military in Syria when it actually amounted to less than half of the air power only flying out for show and filming a “victory” return in Russia.

Instead, three days after Putin’s declaration, the “Syrian Express”, the nickname given to the ships that have kept Russian forces supplied, left the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk for Tartous, Russia’s naval facility in Syria. Whatever they were carrying was heavy with them sitting so low in the water that the load line was barely visible.

Movements of Russian ships in the two weeks since Putin’s announcement of a partial withdrawal suggest Moscow has in fact shipped more equipment and supplies to Syria than it has brought back. There are no signs that the “Syrian Express” is being wound down.

A Reuters analysis of the data shows Russia is also likely to have reinforced its naval force in the Mediterranean and now appears to have more war ships near the Syrian coast than at the time of Putin’s declaration.

Additionally, Russia has sent two landing ships, which are typically used to transport troops and armor to the Mediterranean along with an auxiliary cargo vessel.

Russia is maintaining and even beefing up it’s military presence in Syria. The Russian Bear has aggressively come down from the Northern roof of the world to the Middle East and is in no mood to leave, and is prophesied to yet have more plan of actions with it’s Islamist allies to drive events at the borders of Israel in the end-time.