Rising Prophecy of Gog The Evil Threat

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Russia is America’s number-one geopolitical foe. Every week Russia’s president, finds new ways to scare the world.

russian fighterRecently he moved nuclear-capable missiles close to Poland and Lithuania. This week he sent an aircraft-carrier group down the North Sea and the English Channel. He has threatened to shoot down any American plane that attacks the forces of Syria’s despot, Bashar al-Assad; while they commit war crimes in their brutal savage bombing of Aleppo including bombing school children.

Russia’s UN envoy has said that relations with America are at their tensest in 40 years. Russian television news is full of ballistic missiles and bomb shelters.

“Imprudent behaviour” might have “nuclear consequences”, warns Dmitry Kiselev, Mr Putin’s propagandist-in-chief—who goes on to cite Mr Putin’s words that “If a fight is inevitable, you have to strike firgog-and-magogst.”

The Prophecy of Gog foretells that it is Gog of Magog the Prince of Rosh that grows with influence in the Middle East in the Last Days. This title refers to the descendants of a son of Japheth the son of Noah, who became a dominant tribe known as Magog with the leader name of Gog. 

History tells us these aggressive fierce barbarians settled in the land of Magog in what today lies around and above the Black Sea located in what is today called Russia, and the Caucasus and the adjoining steppes.

This Last Days Prophecy of Gog also calls out that this Gog leader is skillful in developing cooperating alliances with Muslim countries in the Middle East. The prophecy also shows that Gog is a master at devising evil plans in secret that surprise the world catching them off-guard. Also, that the reputation of Gog and Magog is such that the countries of the world putin_winkhesitate to confront them directly.

In this prophecy of Gog, Gog is the deceptively evil leader of Magog who in the last days causes turmoil and trouble until the Lord God Himself brings an end to it.

Russia’s President as its leader displays the attitude and behavior that shows the rising of the Prophecy of Gog the leader of Magog in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 & 39 as Signs of the Last Days.