Russia Is Center of Axis Of Evil In Last Days

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Whether it is trouble with Iran, Syria, China, Turkey, or wherever in the world, there is one constant presence casting its evil shadow of influence – Russia.

Scripture and history foretell their role as the center in the axis of evil in the Last Days. As the one country centered in a hub and spoke that ties in the Middle-East Muslim countries such as Iran and Turkey with the Eastern countries such as China and India. No other country casts this shadow of influence in the world.

The Old Testament prophecy of Ezekiel 38 foretells that it is Gog of Magog the Prince of Rosh that grows with influence in the Middle East in the Last Days. This title refers to the descendants of the sons of Japheth the son of Noah. And from them came descendants who became a dominant tribe known as Magog with the leader name of Gog.gog-and-magog

History tells us these descendants settled in the land of Magog in what today lies around and above the Black Sea in what history refers to as the “far north”, the northern fringe or roof of the world. They roamed this area as nomads and were known as aggressive fierce barbarians. Magog’s land was located in, what is today called Russia, and the Caucasus and the adjoining steppes. 

Prophecy foretells that it’s Magog-Russia who will develop an Arab-Islamic alliance in the latter times or last days that will have their way in the Middle East for a time. This has developed before our eyes as Russia has countries as Iran, Syria, and now Turkey as allies. As Russia’s Middle-Eastern influence grows, the Western countries are more on the outside looking in and have no appetite for challenging Russia militarily reducing them to weak diplomatic protests as the Ezekiel 38 prophecy foretold. This is exactly represented with the situation in Syria now.

With Turkey, Russia has just signed an agreement for construction of a major gas pipeline and are developing more common ground in other areas as their ties warm since Turkey after the coup there turned more to Russia. In Egypt, the Russian military took part in military exercises in Egypt for the first time amid a warming of relations between Cairo and Moscow. And Iran with its terrorist allies are Russia’s boots on the ground in the Euphrates River area in Syria as Russia provides the air power cover. Magog-Russia’s Arab-Islamic alliance is coming together just as Ezekiel 38 prophesied.

Magog-Russia is also an agent of fulfillment for the Revelation prophecies as well. They are agents of the four evil spirits released at the Euphrates River who kill mankind in the Revelation 9 prophecy as demonstrated in the deathly atrocities they heap onto this area now in Syria. And their future activities at the Euphrates River area will ultimately progress the Last Days toward greater tribulation.

And they also are now preparing the way of the kings from the east in the Revelation 16 prophecy who cross the Euphrates river and come there for battle. Russia and China are developing their own new world order as allies who are strengthening their ties in support of each other’s military and policies against the West. russian-chinese-and-iranian-leaders-ap

Who do you think provided North Korea with key information and material enabling them to build an under-estimated, growing and increasingly successful nuclear program bent on attacking the U.S.? That’s right, Russia, China and their allies as Iran. They view North Korea as a proxy and tool to bring trouble and harm to their western nemesis.  And reflecting the widening of their Eastern influence, Russia and India have now signed billions of dollars of energy and defense deals reflecting shifting alliances in the East toward Russia. Even the president of the Philippines, a very long-time ally of the U.S., is threatening to join the Russian-Chinese alliance.  Magog-Russia’s alliance with the Kings from the East is also coming together as Revelation prophesied.

But Russia’s aggressive warring nature not only enables the progressive horrific events of mankind in Revelation bringing about the return of Jesus Christ at Armageddon to put down war, but even at the end of the world’s complete history in the Revelation 20 prophecy, Gog and Magog are called out again as the agent of Satan to rebel against Christ and His Saints at the end of the peace millennium on the earth. Such is their nature and prophetic destiny.

Prophecy shows that Russia is the center of the axis of evil in the Last Days working through its Middle East Muslim and Kings of the East alliances. The Signs of these Last Days prophecies are happening in the events of the world now building for fulfillment. As we read the scripture and watch the news unfold, we keep a mindful eye toward the clouds in the sky looking for the appearance of the majesty of our Lord coming for His Church.