Russia Opens Golan Heights Crossing Into Israel From Syria

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Syria’s sole crossing with Israel is now being reopened, four years after it was closed due to the civil war in the country, a Russian general said.

“The border crossing is ready for opening and for launching operations. This comes due to a great effort carried out by the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic with the assistance of the Russian Aerospace Forces,” said Lt. Gen. Sergei Kuralenko, deputy commander of Russian forces in Syria.

The reopening of the crossing would restore conditions along the border to their status prior to the Syrian civil war, which broke out in 2011. As Israel and Syria are technically still at war, the crossing never saw regular, wide use.

However, the local Druze populations in Israel and Syria were permitted, on some occasions, to travel through it to visit family on the other side — inspiring the 2004 movie “The Syrian Bride.” The crossing had also been used to transport apples from Druze orchards in Israel to Syria.

The Russian military patrolling the Golan Heights border between Israel and Syria and now re-opening the crossing from Syria into Israel are significant signs of the coming fulfillment of the Gog of Magog prophecy in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

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