Russia & Syria Threaten Retaliation On Israel Homeland If More Air Raids

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Its reported that Russia, angry over the latest air raid by Israel into Syria, has made a threat against Israel that if there are any more air strikes by Israel into Syria, then Syria’s missiles will be fired deep into Israel.

It was reported in Israel’s last air raid that Syria in retaliation fired a SA-5 missile deep into Israel that shook several towns on impact but exploded harmlessly in an unpopulated part of Mt. Carmel. Israel’s air defense system missed the incoming missile.

By issuing this threat, Moscow confirmed that the Syrian missile was aimed deliberately at the Israeli heartland, and was not a stray from the attacks on Israeli aircraft, as some have thought.

If the Russians and Syrians were to carry out their threat of payback for any more Israeli air strikes over Syria in this way, it would put a huge area of Israel at risk affecting hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

And these missiles now supplied to Syria by Russia are in batteries that can fire five or 10 missiles that could bring serious devastation to Israeli towns.

The Syrian SA-5 is actually the Russian S-200 which is older but still has a very long range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air capacity, can function in all weather and can be used to hit ground targets as well as aircraft and missiles.

But sources said the Russians indicated that Syria would not launch a surface missile offensive against Israel but would employ a tit-for-tat strategy, countering Israeli air strikes over Syrian air space with missile attacks over Israeli air space.

This could be taken as a Russian message to Israel that the Kremlin and Russian army chiefs are weighing their options for beginning to retaliate against Israeli air offensives into Syria.

Another option is the possibility of Russia extending its shield of S-400 and S-300 air defense missile systems protecting Syrian air space into the skies over Lebanon. Extending this safety curtain would also help protect Hizballah which would please Iran.

Russia considers this latest air raid by Israel into Syria to be where Israel has once again endangered civilian aircraft by using them as cover.

And it highlights the increasingly tense relations between Israel and Russia, which have grown strained since the September downing of a Russian plane by Syrian forces responding to another such previous Israeli raid.

But Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, in response to Russia’s threat, still said that  “Our actions against Iran’s military establishment in Syria will continue,” and he went on to say “We stand by our red lines.”

It seems Israel and Russia are inextricably set upon a course for an unavoidable showdown that can result in fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy foretold over 2,500 years ago by Ezekiel in chapter 38.

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