Russian 21st Century Hybrid Warfare Destabilizing U.S.

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What’s with Russia, the U.S. elections, and now aides in Trump’s administration? A U.S. military analyst described what’s happening. It’s Russian 21st century hybrid information warfare, used in Ukraine and now on the West to destabilize U.S. society.

Timothy Thomas, a senior analyst at the US Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office at Fort Leavenworth, in a report named RUSSIA’S 21ST CENTURY INFORMATION WAR: WORKING TO UNDERMINE AND DESTABILIZE POPULATIONS, describes what is happening.

Russia used these techniques called reflexive control in its advanced form of hybrid warfare in Ukraine with success. They cause an adversary to engage in decisions and actions that work advantageous to Russian objectives and disrupt and destabilize the society of an adversary nation state.

It utilizes a combination of propaganda, deception, and intent to destabilize adversary societies through multiple communication channels as cyber, media, and real-time human interaction. They have integrated old techniques of human Russian operative manipulation with information-age technology and have found it to work well.

Russia uses its techniques to alter the landscape of objectivity and transform it into a new reality of its own making, often quite unnoticed to the uninformed, and Russia uses this methodology internally against domestic audiences and externally against foreign states.

Putin and Russia’s 21st century hybrid information warfare has worked well against the U.S. thus far: being reflected in their success with hacking during the U.S. presidential election; taking a forceful threatening stance with the West including close overflights of U.S. warships and NATO countries airspace while making threats and claims about Russian nuclear weapons and military success; Russian operatives making multiple contacts with Trump aides; and all the while Moscow making denials and deceptions to conceal their true involvement and intent.

Russia has successfully infiltrated American government causing its society turmoil. Here is just some of their success so far:

  • multiple U.S. agencies have launched probes as the FBI, CIA, and Congressional committees, after information came to their attention concerning Russian activities and contacts in the presidential election and with Trump aides;
  • Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent, gave the FBI information from research alleging the Russian government was in contact with Trump aides and then afterwards with his family disappeared underground, given Russia’s previous success in poisoning their adversaries on British soil;
  • the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a declassified version of a report that concluded with “high confidence” that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a hacking operation to help elect Trump, and that Russia’s military intelligence service gave the information obtained to WikiLeaks;
  • the Trump administration’s national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign after U.S. intelligence agencies intercepted communications of him discussing information with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, concerning which he lied to the U.S. Vice President;
  • now the U.S. Attorney General appointed by Trump, who during his confirmation hearing testified under oath he did not have communications with the Russians, is alleged to have met with Russian contacts.

There is more turmoil for America yet to come from the influence of Russia like an evil fog hanging over the U.S. government from this Russian campaign to disrupt and destabilize.

These are signs of the Ezekiel prophecy that the evil deceiving and intimidating influence of Gog of Magog will rise in the Last Days.