Satan’s Sign Of Serpent Appears At Jewish Temple Wall In Jerusalem [Video]

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Video shows how the sign of satan the serpent has appeared on the Jewish Western Wall on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem pointing to a specific Revelation Prophecy of the Last Days.

Recently when people of Israel went to the Western Wall to worship for the Messiah, there was a snake or serpent that appeared slithering out of the Temple wall attacking a nested bird that took wing to escape to safety from the snake.

This event symbolically points to an end-time prophecy where it confirms the snake as the sign of satan and as a foreboding harbinger of prophecy fulfillment coming to Israel and their Last Days Jewish Temple.

Watch how this sign can indicate satan will soon move forward using his cunning to launch his end-time plan of deception for Israel,  and then turn on them with hatred to attack Israel and take over their Last Days Jewish Temple in Jerusalem by satan’s proxy the antichrist taking the world into Great Tribulation.

And also see the sign showing how God has a plan to deliver His people.

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