Series Of 6 Earthquakes Near 6.0 Magnitude Shake Infamous Tsunami Area Of Indonesia

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A series of six earthquakes are reported to have hit near Sumatra island in Indonesia that were near 6.0 magnitude with them ranging from above 5.0 to just over 6.0 magnitude.

There were no immediate reports of damage and no potential for a tsunami, according to Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency.

The quakes struck near South Pagai, one of the Mentawai Islands, whch was hit by the 2007 Sumatra earthquakes and the 2010 Mentawai earthquake and tsunami.

Indonesia sits on the Ring of Fire area in the Pacific Ocean where the majority of the world’s earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

Just in December, the country was hit by a deadly tsunami which struck the Sunda Strait, leaving hundreds of people dead.

In 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami which was triggered by an earthquake killed 226,000 people in 14 countries, including more than 120,000 in Indonesia

In today’s’ series of earthquakes, two of the earthquakes were at 6.1 magnitude as severe earthquakes.

And today’s earthquakes come after a powerful quake rocked Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas yesterday, which was felt as far away as El Salvador.

The Last Day prophecies of the Holy Bible foretell earthquakes as a sign of the Last Days at the end of this age.

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