Strange 20 Minute Mega-Storm Out Of Nowhere Kills 7 Injures 100

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A state of emergency was declared in an area of Greece after a strange violent 20 minute storm that came out of nowhere tore through seaside resorts killing 7 and injuring 100 leaving dozens in the hospital.

Powerful gales suddenly hammered the Halkidiki peninsula near Thessaloniki, Greece, snapping trees and power pylons, tossing vehicles, and leaving swathes of debris across the coastline.

Authorities said 22 people remain hospitalized, including a woman in critical condition, and more than 100 others received medical attention. Six of the dead were tourists: two each from Russia, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Two of those who died were killed when high winds overturned their recreational vehicle, while an 8-year-old boy and his mother were killed when an outdoor restaurant’s roof collapsed. Another two were killed by falling trees.

Eyewitnesses said violent winds and rain hit Halkidiki with the strange storm only lasting no more than 20 minutes or less, and the Greek national observatory said it had recorded over 5,000 lightning bolts.

One witness said “It started with constant lightning, which went on for about 15 minutes. It was like someone switching a light on and off,” she said. “Then the storm happened very quickly….”

Another witness described how hundreds of people on the beaches were caught by surprise running and screaming trying to get off the beach.

And they said things were still not back to normal with hotels still on a generator and no running water, while the weather had suddenly turned from hot to cold.

This strange storm that appeared with mega-intensity out of nowhere occurred nearly exactly a year after wild firestorms ripped through Greek coastal towns near Athens.

Where hundreds of residents and tourists were trapped between the rising wall of fire and the cliffs of the sea, with some burned to death as they chose the fire while others drowned as they jumped from cliffs into the sea killing many.

Charalambos Steriadis, head of civil protection in northern Greece, described this new sudden storm as an “unprecedented phenomenon”.

And Athansios Kaltsas, director of the Nea Moudania Medical Centre which treated many of the injured, said “It is the first time in my 25-year career that I have lived through something like this, it was so abrupt, so sudden.”

Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos was quoted as saying the army was ready to clear debris and would offer generators – amid reports up to 80% of the area lost its power.

This is the latest in a series of extreme weather events across Europe recently where an unprecedented heat-wave brought record June temperatures across Europe. And golf ball-sized hail had been reported in France and Italy and there were forest fires in Sicily including in popular beach resort areas.

Now comes this strange 20 minute intense mega-storm that came out of nowhere killing 7 and injuring 100 in the region of the world at the Mediterranean Sea from where the anti-christ is foretold in the prophecies to arise (Daniel 8:21-25).

The Biblical prophecies (Luke 21, Revelation 16) foretell how the weather cycles of earth will intensify until humankind is affected as a sign of the Last Days prophecies indicating the coming end of the age.

And these Last Days signs reveal its time to prepare for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles (Matthew 16:19) who were authorized described how (Acts 2). Which brings peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in this life and eternal life in the world to come.

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