Sub-Zero Polar Vortex Is Arctic Hurricane Not Seen In Generation & Found In Prophecy

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Long-standing records are poised to fall as a polar vortex sends extremely cold frigid air from the arctic into the north-central, mid-western and northeastern United States pushing sub-zero temperatures that can challenge all-time records.

Grand Forks, North Dakota, observed an AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature of minus 75 degrees F on this morning as winds whipped around at over 30 mph.

Temperatures this low can cause frost bite on exposed skin in only a matter of 5 to 10 minutes. States of emergency have been issued in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan due to the extreme cold with many schools and businesses closing until the frigid air loosens its grip on the region.

This polar vortex will expose millions of people across the northern half of the United States to cold temperatures not seen or experienced in a generation.

Its been said that the polar vortex gets so cold that frozen sharks are known to wash up on Cape Cod beaches and so cold that animal keepers at Canadian zoos bring the penguins indoors for warmth.

Polar vortexes are basically arctic hurricanes or cyclones. Their wind circulation behavior is basically the same as a hurricane. And the polar vortex can push frigid air straight from the arctic tundra into more temperate regions.

This happens because of rapid Arctic warming in recent years with warming temperatures going up into the stratosphere, to where the north/south temperature differences are diminished.

This reduces pressure differences between the Arctic and mid-latitudes, weakening the winds of the jet stream. And just as slow-moving meandering rivers typically take a winding route, a slower-flowing jet stream tends to meander.

So the jet stream begins to wobble or totter southward, bringing the cold polar air down with it to were weather and air temperatures that should normally be sitting in the arctic tundra are abnormally sitting on our towns and homes.

The Isaiah 24 prophecy says that the Lord will distort the earth’s surface to where the earth is violently broken until it shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall totter like a hut. (not my words but Isaiah’s)

So with this imbalance and distortion we can find dangerous arctic hurricanes coming through Peoria. And shudder to think that scientists say we can expect a lot more of them. Poor Peoria.

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