Swarms Of Locusts Descend On Mecca Like Plague On Egypt

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Swarms of locusts have attacked Islam’s holiest site in Saudi Arabia.

The holiest site in Islam, the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia’s sacred city of Mecca, has been plagued with swarms of locusts and authorities are struggling to clean up the mess.

Droves of insects identified as black grasshoppers descended on Mecca earlier this week, making worshipers at the Grand Mosque miserable.

Images of locusts everywhere buzzing around light fixtures, clinging to marble surfaces and even blanketing praying pilgrims spread throughout social media, prompting the city to take action.

Officials said they were “harnessing all the efforts, capabilities and possibilities available to the eliminate these insects in the interest of the safety of guests of the sacred house of God.”

While this locust attack is a major affliction, the locusts are not known to carry diseases transmittable to humans, nor are they known to be biting or stinging.

But officials also said that locals should refrain from eating or selling the insects, while stressing that they “do not transmit diseases.”

They also said that the swarming was a natural phenomenon but noted that there could be larger swarms numbering into the hundreds of thousands.

Social media users could not help but point to what they felt were religious connotations of such an event with locust swarms as connected to a form of divine punishment.

In the history of the descendants of Abraham in the Bible, the Hebrews were delivered from Egyptian bondage when the Lord God sent judgments upon Pharaoh and Egypt with one of the plaques being that of locusts.

And the Biblical prophecy of Revelation foretells that there will be plagues of judgment to come in the future when the angels bring plagues upon the earth from the wrath of God on a rebelliously sinful world.

Could these locust swarms be a reminder of the Word of God as a sign to the world?

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