Syria Shoots Down Russian Plane When Fending Off Israeli Missile Strike

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According to multiple breaking news reports, US military officials believe Syrian forces accidentally shot down a Russian aircraft when Syrian anti-aircraft artillery reportedly responded to a number of Israeli missiles that were launched towards the coastal city of Latakia.

Syria, Russia’s ally in a prolonged proxy war in the region, claimed its air defenses “intercepted a number” of the missiles headed toward the city, Reuters reported on Monday, citing state-media.

That also when Russia’s defense ministry announced it had lost contact with an IL-20 aircraft carrying 14 service members, Syria’s state-run media reported.

Russia’s presence in Syria includes a large naval base in Latakia, which was reportedly under attack by an unclaimed missile strike that Syria alleges to have come from Israel.

Although Israeli Defense Forces also declined to comment on the missile strikes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that his country will be “taking action to prevent our enemies from arming themselves with advanced weaponry.”

A US Central Command spokesman did not comment on where the strikes originated from but denied US forces were involved: “The US was not involved in any strikes in Western Syria or in the shoot down of any planes tonight,” US Navy Capt. Bill Urban said in a statement.

This is another sign pointing to how events can happen in this area along the Euphrates River Valley that can lead to an escalation causing international conflict among world nations.

The prophecy of Revelation foretells that there will eventually be the most horrific world war the world will ever know at the Euphrates River in this area.

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