Syria War Escalates Again At Euphrates—Assad & Russia Attack Idlib

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The horrors of Syria’s civil war along the Euphrates River are coming back with a vengeance as Assad’s Syrian Regime and Russia with Iran attack Idlib, after months of relative calm provided by the Sochi deal previously reached between Turkey and Russia which has now failed.

The new offensive violates the deal between Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan made last year to prevent an all-out battle over Idlib when the two agreed to establish a buffer zone from which rebel Islamist militant groups would be excluded. Turkey set up military outposts in the area but failed to disarm or expel any militants.

Now a new wave of attacks by Assad’s Regime and Russia on a horrifying scale have begun in Idlib, which is home to some 3 million people in the last province in the country still under opposition control.

What can happen at Idlib by the Assad and Russian forces is unthinkable — especially given their war crime tactics to bomb civilian infrastructure such as hospitals in a deliberate attempt to trigger a mass exodus. And already, Russia and Assad are once again indiscriminately raining bombs down not only on militants in Idlib but also on homes and hospitals.

The full-scale military offensive starting to recapture Idlib is expected to cause the most brutal fighting in Syria’s civil war, threatening to trigger a humanitarian catastrophe even larger than any that Syria has yet seen. And it’s seen a horrific lot.

It’s reported according to U.N. figures that the Syrian war has so far killed about half a million people and displaced millions of others, with around 6 million people displaced internally and another 5 to 6 million driven abroad as refugees during the war.

According to reports, the Assad regime and Russian forces have already dropped more than 3,000 bombs on Idlib in the past two weeks, which has led to the deaths of another 150 people and injured 248 others.

Fleeing the intense airstrikes, approximately 100,000 new refugees have arrived at refugee camps near the Turkish border in the last couple of weeks and it’s estimated that nearly 800,000 people are already being sheltered there in tents.

Over the course of the war, Idlib had became the depository for opposition fighters and supporters who were bused there after the government recaptured their areas and gave them a choice: surrender, or go to Idlib. From this, the Idlib province population more than doubled to about three million during the war.

Now Idlib has become a kill zone as it has come under heavy attack in the past three weeks from Russian warplanes and pro-Syrian government forces.

Their bombing has destroyed or disabled at least 19 hospitals and medical centers in the recent two to three weeks with the doctors left operating in basements and people just unable to find medical help.

Even Turkey’s president Erdogan described the strikes on schools and hospitals as “inexplicable” in a call he made complaining to Putin of Russia.

The overall goals for Assad, Putin, and their Iranian allies is: to help Assad retake territory; Russia to protect their air base in the nearby coastal province of Latakia; and to secure the main M4 and M5 Syrian highways so to have trade again flow through Syria all the way from Turkey to the Persian Gulf, which would provide the Syrian government much-needed income.

Some countries as Britain, Germany and France have called for an end to the military escalation in Syria’s Idlib. Britain’s Foreign Office said, “Airstrikes on population centers, indiscriminate bombardment and use of barrel bombs as well as the targeting of civilian and humanitarian infrastructures, notably schools and health facilities, are blatant violations of International Humanitarian Law.”

Turkey and Europe fear the attempt to retake the Idlib province by force will trigger a massive new wave of refugees that could swamp Turkey and extend to Europe again, which Europe is still having societal and political aftershocks from the previous mass arrival of refugees from Syria.

No political solution in Syria seems likely because of the refusal of the Assad regime and its Iranian backers to share power with any other groups of interest in the country.

As the Assad regime relentlessly at any cost seeks to restore its control over the country west of the Euphrates River by force, as Russia continues to steadfastly support the Assad Regime no matter what war crimes are done.

The U.S. government has thus far been interestingly quiet as U.S. forces still sit with their allies the Kurd’s just across the Euphrates River controlling Eastern Syria. But the U.S. silence may be about to change as initial reports are saying Assad has just used chemical weapons again at Idlib.

Which Assad using chemical weapons in Idlib would be no surprise, as that has been Assad’s standard tactic. As he always attacks a major tough target like Idlib with chemical weapons at the outset so to strike fear and soften them up for surrender.

But chemical weapons has thus far proven to be a real red-line for the Trump administration and military as they have previously struck Assad’s regime for using them.

Syria along the Euphrates River continues to exhibit awful apocalyptic signs of horrendous chaos and war. And the Euphrates River in Syria is the very location of the Revelation chapter 9 prophecy.

Where the prophecy says “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates. So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind.

This prophecy foretells how that four demonic fallen angels who were bound at the Euphrates River are released, where they unleash apocalyptic turmoil along the Euphrates River that splits open the land of Syria.

The horrors seen already and yet to be seen along the Euphrates River in the Syrian war are the signs of these demons struggling to be free to do their evil work of pulling in the nations of the world driving mankind into conflict progressively morphing until it becomes a global Biblical world war with the most horrific of consequences such as the world has never known.

If there are such strong signs happening now at the Euphrates River pointing toward the coming fulfillment of the Revelation chapter 9 prophecy that is deeply within the Revelation narrative, after the 7 Seals and near the end of the 7 Revelation Trumpets;

Imagine how close we must be coming to the revealing of Jesus Christ to His Church in the Rapture and the revealing of the Anti-christ to the world for the Great Tribulation.

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