Tattoos & Covid Green Pass Increase In A New World Society

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Industry experts say there has been a boom in tattoo demand since the Covid pandemic began. As tattoo business owners say demand is booming and analysts report it’s growing faster than all the consumer goods and services sector.

As civilization is entering the golden age of the tattoo with them more readily accepted and pronounced in contemporary society since the pandemic.

Where a person, who decided that Covid vaccination requirements were probably here to stay and wanted a way to conveniently show his status, even had the QR code for his green pass status tattooed onto his arm.

So that he can easily enter restaurants or wherever to buy something by just having his QR code on his arm scanned. And he says that its worked out great for him.

Is a new world society forming where people will more readily accept a mark being tattooed on them for the convenience of access to the economy for buying and selling? The signs of Revelation Prophecy are increasing in the Last Days!

Watch the video below to see how these events and conditions happening now are Biblical signs connecting to the Last Days prophecies warning we are nearing the end of this age of grace at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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