Ten Year Old ‘Drag Kid’  Starts First Ever Drag Club For Children

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A young boy from New York has created the first ever drag club specifically for children. Desmond Napoles is a 10-year-old self-professed ‘drag kid’ from Brooklyn.

Napoles, known on social media as Desmond is Amazing, was first spotted by the masses wearing an extravagant rainbow-colored outfit while dancing flamboyantly at the New York Pride Parade in 2015 in a video that circulated the web.

He has since become an icon within the LGBTQ community with a large following on social media.

With that in mind, Napoles decided to create the very first drag club just for kids so that they could have a place to express themselves.

“Haus of Amazing” was officially announced on Instagram in October, with Napoles explaining in the caption that they’re on a mission to create a “… community for all drag kids to connect with one another.”

Napoles may be only 10 years old but he is already making a big impact on the LGBTQ scene, such as when Napoles helped a drag queen cut the ribbon at the opening of RuPaul’s NYC DragCon where they “celebrate all the colors of the rainbow.”

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