Terrorism Leading to Mark of the Beast?

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Eating in a restaurant, then dead. Kids going to school, then dead. Out for some pleasant entertainment, then dead.  Another terrorist event and more are dead. Those in leadership want control of people and information to stop it. Will their citizens accept something previously unthinkable for security? Is terrorism leading to an environment for fulfillment of the Mark of the Beast Prophecy?

Terrorism and its violence continue to dominate the headlines and its abhorrence is violating nation after nation and city after city again and again. With atrocities of violence that are causing outcry in the populaces for security, political leaders are driven to search for solutions to protect its citizenry.

But the recurring issue is the difficulty to identify in time from the rest of the population those that would commit such heinous crimes before they do it. It’s the classic how do you know who the bad guys are before they do the bad.

The reaction of those in power is to find a way of control to stop the violence and crime. Perhaps to lock down society and borders, declare states of emergency, or put in place electronic surveillance watching and listening to everyone, and have governmental and judicial executive and legal laws or orders put in place for searches and taking away liberties in the name of the greater good. All for a stated purpose of monitoring and tracking the populace so to identify and stop those that would perpetuate such heinous crime.

Wave after wave of this violence and crime with its ever increasing intensity of death and destruction could cause leaders and their public to look for and accept a solution as described in the prophetic Holy Scripture of the Revelation.

What will be the world’s ultimate answer to terrorism? Could it be that this Scriptural Prophecy will become the world’s answer to terrorism and crime?

Where a world leader and his supporting religious leader  “causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark…” Revelation 13:16-17. This could be promoted by the political and religious leadership of the antichrist and his false prophet as the ultimate security solution for peace.

Will it work? It’s a solution for a false peace that fails. It doesn’t and can’t deal with the defining sign of the times, the inherent divisions and conflicts of mankind that drives the increasing violence. Only the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, is the solution for that. He can come into your soul with individual peace now in his Holy Spirit, and soon, will return again to earth in great glory bringing in an era of peace to the world that it has wished for.

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