Toxic Red Tide Continues On Creating Health Problems

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The red tide, a wave of microorganisms that kill sea life, continues to spread again along Florida’s coasts on the Gulf of Mexico filling  the waterways and coastlines with putrid fish dying from the water. It became so bad that the Governor issued a state of emergency over it.

For the red tide is not only making the sea life sick, it’s also become a health risk to people making them sick also.

One way that’s been discovered is that the red tide emits toxins which can get blown into the air. And when people breathe the toxins in they constrict passages in the lungs, causing people to cough and have difficulty breathing.

Doctors have seen an increase of more patients with breathing difficulty this summer than in previous years, and they believe the red tide is to blame. They are also concerned about the lack of research on long-term exposure to these red tide toxins.

Saying that with long-term exposure for months and months they don’t know the long-term effects. And red tides seem to have increased in frequency and persistence over the last 20 years.

This sign points to the prophecies of Revelation where it describes how that the water will turn red and poisonous and it will kill the sea life and that people will also become sick and die.

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