Trump—The President Born Under A Blood Moon [Video]

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Video below describes how Trump is the U.S. President that was born on a blood moon night, and then who moved the U.S. Embassy to the Holy City of Jerusalem in the same year of a blood moon there.

Now a blood moon is coming on Jan. 20, 2019 over Washington & Trump—is something Biblical happening?

Trump is the blood moon President. For there are unique occurrences and strange harmonies that are happening with this blood moon that have to do with the United States of America and its unusual President.

There are so many unique characteristics and events that are converging with this blood moon President. What is coming? …what will happen in the next two years of this blood moon President’s term?

The prophecies of the Holy Bible connects the Blood Moon to the coming Great Tribulation of earth that judges the nations and brings Israel into reconciliation with the plan of God.

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