U.S. Agency WARNING—7 Active Volcanoes Endanger California

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Powerful volcanic eruptions in California are “inevitable” according to a dramatic warning from the US Geological Survey (USGS), which identified several active volcanoes which could endanger the state.

Seven volcanoes in California are active and pose a significant threat — including some in Southern California, according to the new report by the USGS.

The USGS reports the threat from volcanoes is not as widely recognized as from other natural disasters but shows there are chances of a small or moderate eruption in the next 30 years.

They claim the potential for damaging earthquakes, landslides, floods, tsunamis, and wildfires is widely recognized in California.

But that the same cannot be said for volcanic eruptions, despite the fact that they occur in the state about as frequently as the largest earthquakes on the San Andrea’s Fault.

Reportedly eight volcanic areas which could pose a risk to California are identified in the report with seven of these active volcanoes having magma beneath them.

According to the study even a relatively minor eruption could have a serious impact on the state. And close monitoring of California’s active volcanoes is advised by the study, to give advanced warning of any eruption.

Also to have teaming of the collective efforts of scientists, land managers, civil authorities, lifeline operators, and communities in a statewide response in efforts to contain damage.

The agency says the biggest threat is Mount Shasta in Northern California. “Beautiful, big Mount Shasta and Shastina — that, geologically speaking, is ready to go. That’s a monster volcano,” said Dr. Pat Abbott, a former geology professor at San Diego State University.

Abbott is familiar with volcanoes around the world, including the Salton Buttes east of San Diego County, which he says are likely to erupt in our lifetime.

The Biblical prophecies (Revelation 6) foretell a coming increase of severe seismic activity as volcanoes and earthquakes in the earth to where the earth will be shaken and even islands moved as we near the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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