U.S. Cyber-Strike Hit Venezuela Electric Grid Says Venezuela/Russia

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Chaos is beginning to spread in Venezuela after the country has went days without electric power.  Venezuela’s dictator Maduro and his Russian supporters are saying that U.S. cyber-strikes hit Venezuela’s electric grid disabling it.

The Venezuela government has repeatedly claimed the widespread outage of power, phone and internet was due to a foreign cyber-attack attempting to unseat its president.

It’s reported that on last Thursday, Venezuela’s Guri dam hydroelectric power plant was cyber-attacked at 5:00 PM during the afternoon rush hour to cause maximum disruption.

Then on Friday, another cyber-attack occurred, followed by a third one on Saturday, affecting parts of the country where power was restored, further complicating resolution of the problem.

Then as power was being partially restored, a main substation transformer exploded and burned, suggesting more sabotage on the ground.

Some are suggesting what’s happening in Venezuela is similar to the cyber-strike infecting Iran’s nuclear power facilities with a Stuxnet computer virus in a likely joint US/Israeli intelligence operation.

However, others have said that Venezuela’s blackout was most likely due to chronic under-funding of its electrical infrastructure and deferred maintenance due to Dictator Maduro’s mismanagement of the country.

Experts are saying the idea of a foreign nation state manipulating an adversary’s power grid to force a governmental transition is very real. And in the case of Venezuela, the idea of a government like the United States remotely interfering with its power grid is actually quite realistic.

Remote cyber operations rarely require a significant ground presence, making them the ideal deniable influence operation. And given the U.S. government’s longstanding concern with Venezuela’s government, it is likely the U.S. could already maintain a deep presence within the country’s national infrastructure grid.

And the country’s outdated internet and power infrastructure present few formidable challenges to such operations and make it relatively easy to remove any traces of foreign intervention.

Widespread power and connectivity outages like Venezuela is experiencing is straight from the modern cyber playbook.

Cutting power at rush hour, ensuring maximum impact on civilian society with plenty of post-apocalyptic imagery in the media, fits squarely into the mold of a traditional influence operation.

Timing such an outage to occur at a moment of societal upheaval in a way that de-legitimizes the current government exactly as a government-in-waiting has presented itself as a ready alternative is a classic influence operation using cyber-strike strategy.

It could be that the U.S. has remotely launched the invasion of Venezuela.

The Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24) foretell that wars and rumors of wars are a sign of the Last Days indicating the coming end of the age and the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ to catch away His born again believers.

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