U.S. Farmers Say They Face Devastation

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The unthinkable has happened. Record floods have devastated U.S. farms and farmers.

Estimates of lost crops and livestock for U.S. farms are in the billions of dollars from record flooding that just would not stop in the central heartland of America.

Not only did the disaster prevent farmers from being able to plant crops into the ground but it was so severe it also destroyed their harvests they had saved.

As river levels kept rising to historic levels, spilling over levees and swallowing up regions, farmers watched helplessly as the waters consumed not only their fields, but their stockpiles of grain, the one thing that could stand between them and financial ruin.

One farmer in Nebraska said “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. We had been depending on the income from our livestock, but now all of our feed is gone, so that is going to be even more difficult. We haven’t been making any money from our grain farming because of trade issues and low prices.”

The deluge of 2019 is the latest blow for the Farm Belt, which has faced crisis in recent years, as farm incomes have fallen by more than 50 percent. And U.S. trade policies of the current administration have cut off farm exports of soybeans and other products, making the situation worse.

Soybeans were the single most valuable U.S. agricultural export crop until the current trade war, were tariffs have almost halted the trade.

So farmers faced with selling crops at a loss, had previously stuffed a historic volume of grain into storage bins as they waited for crop prices to later rise before making sales.

But then came the historic flooding. “The water came so fast,” said John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmers Union. “We know our farmers didn’t have enough time to move all the cattle or empty all their grain bins.”

The levels of flooding were so high and strong that storage bins burst open with grain washed away or contaminated. The farmers stored crops were destroyed, their expensive equipment damaged, and their fields made unplantable.

To where Jeff Jorgenson, a farmer and regional director for the Iowa Soybean Association, said “This could end their career of farming and the legacy of the family farm.”

And now U.S. farmers say the extreme weather of 2019 has caused them to throw in the towel as they have been pushed beyond the point of no return.

And these events and conditions are a sign how nature can be linked prophetically to the Scriptures in bringing about the Last Days environment of prophecy.

Where the Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 6, Revelation 16) foretell how that extreme weather and famine will be signs of the Last Days indicating the coming end of the age.

Revealing its time to prepare for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles (Matthew 16:19) who were authorized described how (Acts 2). Which brings peace and joy in the Holy Spirit in this life and eternal life in the world to come.

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