How U.S. Pays Aid Money To Families of Terrorists

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The U.S gave an estimated $133 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) last year, who in turn gives aid to the families of Palestinian jihadists who die attacking Israelis and Americans.

A top Palestinian Authority (PA) leader described terrorists who murder Israelis as heroes and martyrs, and stated that they give money to the families of Palestinian jihadists who have died as martyrs or imprisoned for attacking Israel.

Michael Herzog, a security expert for The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that over $300 million a year goes to terrorist families from the PA. A large portion of that funding comes from the U.S. The worse the crime, the more money the terrorist families receive which provides incentive for jihadist terrorism.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has supported Palestinian terror for years with U.S. funds including terror waves that led to the death of dozens, including four Americans. Then they repeatedly referred to those who murder Israelis as heroes and martyrs on Palestinian television. 

It has been estimated that since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the U.S. government has committed about $5 billion in assistance to the Palestinians.

Just as Arafat was never held accountable neither has the Palestinian Authority (PA) which is rife with corruption as money ends up not only in terrorists hands but also in Swiss bank accounts. And they have close relationships with terrorist groups as Hamas and terrorist states as Iran.