U.S. President Plot to Betray Israel at U.N. Detected per Reports

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There are reports pointing to the U.S. President meeting at the United Nations Security Council and there he could abandon Israel for the sake of progress on the two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

It’s been reported that in the last months of his final year in office, in order to further enshrine a legacy and pave a path forward to a Mideast deal, the U.S. President could through a speech and United Nations Security Council resolution proposal or support, outline steps toward implementing a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians.United Nations_General_Assembly_Hall

Its also been reported this situation could develop with a country as France introducing a measure setting a deadline for a negotiated settlement of the conflict and the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Then if the U.S. administration were to abstain from voting on the resolution it could still pass if it gained the required majority in the U.N. Security Council.

This would be the result of internal White House discussions that are aimed at offering a blueprint for future Israeli-Palestinian talks in a bid to advance what they view as a critical foreign-policy initiative, even if viewed as being at the expense of Israel.

Historically, the U.S. has always supported Israel in the U.N., with continuous Democratic and Republican administrations vetoing many Security Council resolutions critical of Israel.

Supporting such a Security Council resolution would be a major shift in U.S. policy and one the Israeli government has feared from the current U.S. Administration. Such a move could further straBarack_Obama_chairs_a_United Nations_Security_Council_meetingin already tense relations between the U.S. President and the Israeli Prime Minister, who have clashed over the U.S. making a nuclear deal with Iran.

Many say that this would be a continuation of the current White House administration’s abandonment of Israel for the sake of pursuing a misguided Middle East policy: from leaving Iraq without supporting forces to the likes of Islamic State and Iran; previously supporting the Muslim Brotherhood; leaving Syria to Russia and Iran; and to negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran at any cost. Then to now withdrawing the U.S. historical support of Israel in the U.N.

There has been a growing anti-Israel campaign by the Euro States and the U.N., and for the U.S. to enable that by not supporting Israel in some way, could further isolate Israel and increase international prejudice against it.

America has stood by Israel since its re-establishment as a nation, even providing a vital lifeline for its survival time and again in the past. But if this happens, it would be viewed by many in the Middle East and around the world as America withdrawing from Israel; and leaving the only democracy in the Middle East, and America’s long-time ally, in a very vulnerable position in the turmoil of the Middle East.

This would be further Signs of the Last Days™ indicating the coming fulfillment of the Scriptural prophecies which center around the nation of Israel in the Middle East.

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