U.S. Rangers & Marines Arrive: Military Now Fully Invested In Syrian War

Signs of the Last Days® MinistryGeneral

There’s been no major announcements, but U.S. military forces are ramping up deployment in Syria. Recently spotted there has been the U.S. military’s premier raid force – the 75th Ranger Regiment.

Now the US Marines have arrived in northern Syria with artillery to make an assault. The Pentagon has declined comment to provide any details.

The U.S. military is now fully invested in the war in Syria. In northern Iraq, American forces have the benefit of clear battle lines and the fact that friendly Kurds control roads where the U.S.-led coalition is headquartered. In Syria, however, the logistics are a lot trickier.

The presence of competing armed groups and a beleaguered central government mean that any ground taken must be held to promote security and prevent infighting. And the arrival of the U.S. Rangers and Marines seems to indicate that the U.S military is willing to hold it.

This means more troops from the U.S. and other nations will follow them. This is only the beginning.

The prophecies foretell in Revelation 9 that in the Euphrates River area there will be war demons released that will ferment a Middle-East World War in the Last Days.

It will draw in such a concentration of countries and militaries with such intense conflict that it will result in the killing of a third of mankind.

What we see now are Signs of the Last Days prophecies and their coming fulfillment leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.