Unusual Flood Hits Jerusalem Breaks Wall—Biblical Changes Coming

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What Israeli new media is reporting as an unusual flood has hit Jerusalem sweeping away the wall of  Jerusalem separating East Jerusalem.

They report that in a single day, Jerusalem received 1/4 of the rainfall it receives in a year causing a flood that was strong enough to knock down the wall of partition separating the Jewish and Palestinian sections of Jerusalem.

With one-quarter of Jerusalem’s annual rainfall hitting Jerusalem in a single day, it led to extraordinary flooding and multiple dramatic rescues throughout the city.

Some 1,200 students were trapped in a school that was cut off by flooding across an access road, amid the unusual rain in the capital, and were evacuated from the school in southern Jerusalem.

The students were taken out of the school via jeeps in groups of three and four after officials concluded it was unsafe to let school buses approach the campus. But then several of the jeeps were themselves caught in the floodwaters, requiring special rescues.

The unusual precipitation caused flooding in several areas across the city with many people trapped by floodwaters inside buildings in neighborhoods, requiring separate rescue operations.

Also roads were turned into rushing rivers of water causing traffic disruptions and requiring dramatic rescues of people from their cars. One man clung to the roof of his car that was immersed in flood waters as he was rescued by emergency crews north of Jerusalem.

The unusual amount of rain caused such a torrent that it also caused the wall of Jerusalem separation barrier to collapse. This is the barrier in Israel’s capital, that is a wall twisting and turning for a total of 125 miles separating Palestinians from Israelites.

And could this unusual rain causing this strong flood that swept away this wall of Jerusalem as a barrier between east and west Jerusalem be a physical sign of coming Biblical changes for Jerusalem and Israel? … where there are signs of these now starting into motion that will bring about dramatic Last Days prophecy fulfillment?

The prophecies as Daniel 9 containing the 70th week prophecy foretell that coming ahead there will be major political changes happening for the Mid-East, Israel, and Jerusalem; to where it will become possible for there to be a Mid-East agreement between Israel and the Arabs in the region, including the Palestinians.

That will break down barriers between the Jews and Palestinians/Arabs to where there is a 7 year agreement that makes it possible for not only the Muslims to worship at their mosques in Jerusalem but also for the Jews to rebuild their temple and worship in their temple in Jerusalem as well.

There could be signs pointing toward this which are already in motion where there seems to be a possible earthquake happening in Israeli government and politics.

Israel’s attorney general just announced they plan to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges after a two-year investigation where he faces charges of bribery and breach of trust.

And just recently Netanyahu’s government coalition had collapsed forcing early Israeli elections which are coming in a couple of months. Netanyahu, 69, who is serving his third consecutive term as prime minister of Israel is in his weakest position ever.

And there is a solid political opposition found in former Israeli General Benny Gantz’s Blue and White alliance – who say they want to seek peace. Whereas Netanyahu was a more hard-right obstructionist to serious negotiations for peace.

Could it be that a government will be soon be realized in Israel that is more open to serious negotiations for a Mid-East agreement that brings to realization Daniel’s 70th Week and other prophecies.

While at the same time the Trump/Kushner Mid-East initiatives, while supporting Israel by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem but at the same time alienating Arabs world-wide, will find their peace plan poorly received, if they ever share it; with the Mid-East region ultimately turning to a different facilitator from the Mediterranean area.

Daniel chapter 9 final 70th week and the beginning of the Revelation chapter 6 seals are directly connected. Daniel 9 foretells that the prince who is to come, the anti-christ, will confirm a 7 year agreement with Israel and those in the Mid-East region. He will be masquerading as an emissary of peace at that time just as described in Revelation 6:1-2.

It’s interesting that this flood in Jerusalem that swept away the wall was caused by Jerusalem receiving 1/4 of the rainfall it receives in a year.

Could it be a sign pointing to the same fraction used in the Revelation chapter 6 seals prophecy of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Where it says that 1/4 of the earth was killed by war, famine, and pestilence.

But the Revelation 6 seals all start with the barriers being swept away to where an agreement of peace is made by the person who is the white horse rider who really wants the crown given to him, and is really setting out to conquer through false peace.

For the Daniel 11 prophecy describes how that there shall arise a vile person, who shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue. And with the force of a flood they shall be swept away from before him and be broken, just as like what just happened to the barrier wall of Jerusalem with this flood.

This prophecy if foretelling that the Antichrist will come as in peace but deceitfully seizes power by intrigue and he comes to power like with the force of a flood that sweeps everything away from before him, initially enabling him to sweep away barriers to peace, but then his true nature is revealed in the following three and one-half years as he begins to bring war to the world as it has never known.

Signs of the Last Days prophecies are building showing changes are coming for Israel & Jerusalem  that restart Israel’s prophetic timeline and start the prophetic clock for the world’s final 7 years at the end of this age triggering the rapture and then sweeps in the anti-christ like a flood.

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