US Troops Arrive & Begin Securing Southern Border

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Active-duty US troops, the first of thousands, such as soldiers from the the 89th Military Police Brigade, and 41st Engineering Company, 19th Engineering Battalion, have begun arriving at the US-Mexico border.

They are part of a group of more than 7,000 troops expected to be deployed to the border in support of Operation Faithful Patriot, where active-duty military personnel will support the Customs and Border Protection mission.

The troops deploying to the border, according to the US military, will provide planning assistance and engineering support, as well as equipment and resources, to assist the Department of Homeland Security as it attempts to secure the southern border against migrant caravans from Latin America.

Troops are bringing significant amounts of equipment to the border operations, including miles and miles worth of concertina wire.

President Trump, who has repeatedly characterized the approaching caravans as an “invasion,” has warned the migrants that the military will be waiting for them when they arrive.

The military units currently being sent to the border are acting in a Title X capacity. Military police, engineers, medical teams, airlift units, and command teams will be constructing barriers, hardening points of entry, and assisting CBP officials.

The troops are not permitted to engage in law enforcement activities on US soil.

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