Video: Angels & Demons Are Battling Over Future Of America

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Video below shows a monumental battle is going on between angels & demons over America and its future as foretold in Revelation Prophecy which is realized in parallel within our society as a proxy battle that the Biblical Scriptures describe as spiritual warfare.

There is the parallel existence of the natural realm and the spirit realm which makes up our total reality. Just as with Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity describing a relationship between matter and energy, there is also the relative relationship with reciprocal interactivity between the realms of the physical and the spiritual which is bi-directional; where people’s symbiotic and synergistic attitudes with either the holy or the evil can empower the spirit realm to influence human beings as their proxy manifested in attitudes and actions within society and government.

The Revelation prophecy described shows how the spiritual warfare in the spirit realm also is reflected on earth as a proxy battle manifesting itself in humanity. Such as what is described as happening in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination when the Arch of Baal was erected in Washington at the same time as the hearings when Kavanaugh was falsely accused as per the modus operandi of satan, also known as the demon god Baal.

America’s Republic is in danger as the country is locked in a culture war that is a religious war over the soul and future of the nation where no doubt we have angels & demons locked in heated battle over America. But Jesus is the answer as the Bible says He nailed the power of evil which is sin to His cross, and He has disarmed principalities and powers making a public spectacle of them and triumphing over them.

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