[Video] Sodom & Curse Found, Spirit of Sodom Unleashed, In Signs of Sodom Jesus Foretold

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Video below shows how evidence of city of Sodom and its curse of destruction has been found by scientists, while the spirit of Sodom is unleashed again today in the streets with public flaunting & public targeting of conservatives just as the prophecy of Jesus foretold.

Sodom is back in the news. Archaeologists found the remains of Sodom and evidence of the curse of its destruction with the scientists research and conclusions also reflecting the Biblical description of the destruction of the city of Sodom.

And the prophecy of Jesus foretelling that the signs of Sodom would be seen again in the Last Days as they were in the days of Lot in Sodom is coming true. Where in our streets today the signs of Sodom are again manifesting with overt flaunting of the Sodom lifestyle and also overt verbal and physical intimidation in public toward conservatives and their beliefs.

The video delves into the reported events of a mob at conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house and the similarities to the mob at Lot’s house in Sodom. Also, the targeting of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and his wife in public with indecent taunting and behaviors reported as crossing a dangerous line beyond the boundaries just as what happened in Sodom.

The prophecy of Jesus concerning the end-time sign of Sodom has come true with us living in a day similar to the day of Lot. And the prophecy of Jesus said that seeing the signs of Sodom in the world indicated the nearness of His coming.

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