Warning Of Temple Mount ‘Unstoppable’ Violence For Status Quo Changes

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz that changes to the religious status quo on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem could lead to an “unstoppable” escalation of violence.

Abbas was hosted by Gantz at his home in the first time that the Palestinian leader has held talks with a senior Israeli official in Israel since 2010.

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, the meeting lasted two and a half hours with part of it between Abbas and Gantz alone.

Reports quoted Abbas as telling Gantz that he would not support a return to violence in the West Bank “even if a gun was held to my head.”

But Abbas also told Gantz that he was concerned about violence erupting in Jerusalem at the Temple Mount. Abbas told Gantz that changes to the religious elements on the holy site would lead to an “unstoppable” escalation.

And in recent months there have been reports that Israel has been quietly allowing Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount site.

In what would appear to be a major change to the status quo that has existed at the holy site since Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan during 1967’s Six Day War.

The Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism as the Jews believe it is the site of the Biblical Jewish Temples.

However, it is the current site of the third-holiest shrine in Islam, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, where Jewish prayer is banned – which has been a frequent flashpoint for Israeli-Arab violence.

In recent years, the Israeli public perception of the ban on Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount has shifted, with an increased call for Jewish freedom of religion and human rights, with the Jewish Temple Mount movement increasingly becoming mainstream.

And the Palestinian claims that Israel is seeking to change the status quo on the Temple Mount has intermittently caused flareups of violence in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

The Palestinian Minister for Civilian Affairs who attended the meeting of Abbas and Gantz, said that “the meeting was the last chance before the explosion and before finding ourselves at a dead end.”

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