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WOMEN are in general more likely to believe in and practice religious faith than men are, according to Pew Research, a think-tank in Washington, DC. Also, that Christian women far outstrip men in their levels of piety.

Per the research stated in the article by the Economist, world-wide 83.4% of women identify with a faith versus 79.9% of men. But in America, 60% of women see religion as very significant in their lives versus 47% of men.

One factor stated is that in the practice of long-established religions, women have more staying power. And among religious practices that revolve around the home, the job of keeping the flame alight, literally and metaphorically, generally falls to women.women worshipping

The article also states that there’s another consideration, when among certain new forms of faith, women often lead the way in making the religious switch, hoping their families will follow; and provide the example of the Pentecostal churches which have gained ground in Latin America.

The article also sums it up with this: in situations of stress, ranging from persecution to economic transition to breakdown, religion can be a form of resilience and social capital, and women are the main guardians and transmitters of that capital.

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