Yellowstone Activity Has Increased Since Eclipse & Experts Say Eruption Sooner

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After the US Only Solar Eclipse, Yellowstone super-volcano activity intensified after the US Eclipse passed over it, and there are scientists saying now that a Yellowstone eruption could happen much sooner than expected, even in only a few years.

Also, pestilences like plagues have continued to increase in the US West from where the eclipse started, such as covid which started in the Northwest, record drought, locusts and more.

Additionally, the record heat has become so intense that the US West is now on fire with rare phenomena manifesting as Dragon Clouds and Fire Devils. As scientists say something is stopping the jet stream over the US.

As prophetic signs indicate that America needs to humble itself, and pray and seek the Lord’s face, and turn from their wicked ways, so that He will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.

So that heaven is opened and there is rain, and locusts are stopped from devouring the land, and pestilence is removed from among the people.

Watch the video below to see how these events and conditions happening now are Biblical signs connecting to the Last Days prophecies warning we are nearing the end of this age of grace at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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