Over 150,000 Flee Los Angeles Exploding Wildfires

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Multiple wildfires have exploded  into roaring infernos in the Los Angeles area including inside the city forcing more than 150,000 people to evacuate and prompting the California governor to declare a state of emergency.

Dryness and fierce winds sparked multiple blazes across the area with the wildfires raging across Southern California destroying hundreds of homes, businesses, and apartments and hospitals forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

The dangerous fires are still out of control and spreading rapidly with the massive destruction prompting Gov. Jerry Brown to declare states of emergency in Ventura County and Los Angeles.

The massive smoke plumes from the fires raging across the region were large enough to be captured by a NASA satellite.

The firestorms have closed some of Los Angeles’ freeways which are the busiest in America, as well as several schools and evacuees who were forced to flee their homes, at times in a matter of minutes, have streamed into shelters.

A county fire official said “The fire growth is just absolutely exponential.”

These are Signs of the Last Days prophecies as Revelation 16:9 that foretold how humanity will be affected by rising great heat indicating the Last Days of the end of this age.

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