500 See New Meteor Hit Southeast U.S. Again

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According to the American Meteor Society, a new meteor streaked across the sky of the southeastern United States again early Thursday.

Preliminary analysis by the American Meteor Society (AMS) revealed a trajectory over South Carolina and North Carolina, with the meteor observed in states across the southeast.

The AMS said it received reports from 500 people in eight states of a slow and bright fireball about 6:50 a.m. Thursday.

Most of the reports came from North and South Carolina but people in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia also said they saw the morning fireball.

Social media was abuzz with speculation and wonder with those who said they witnessed the phenomenon.

“It was the most brilliant meteor I’ve ever seen! Streaked across the entire sky until I could no longer see it on the horizon,” one Reddit user noted in the Charleston feed. Another caught a glimpse of the fireball and stared in awe: “I dropped my Egg McMuffin.”

NASA also confirmed the meteor sighting and said 500 eyewitnesses across the southeastern United States reported that they caught glimpses of the fireball.

Officials characterized this particular meteor as an “earth grazer” — meteors that travel at a generally slower speed and follow a “long, shallow trajectory through Earth’s atmosphere,” according to the space agency.

It was estimated to be traveling at an estimated 31,000 mph — a “relatively leisurely pace” for a meteor, officials noted in their analysis.

This is just another meteor of several that have recently occurred in the southeastern United States all the way down to Florida so far this year.

The Biblical Prophecies (Luke 21, Revelation 6) foretell that there will be heavenly signs in the stars as a sign of the Last Days revealing we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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