Another Meteor Hits Florida After Several Other Meteors & Strange Earthquakes

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Another meteor has hit Florida that lit up the sky with a bright green fireball flashing through the night.

Reports say the sky turned green over the southeastern United States in the night when the bright fireball burned up in the night sky.

Over 200 people from Florida, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina reportedly saw the fireball flash in the night sky, according to the event page from the American Meteor Society (AMS).

The meteor burned up while entering Earth’s atmosphere just east of Tallahassee, Florida, according to the AMS report.

The glow from the burning meteor was so bright that it created shadows for several seconds before the light flickered out. It is unknown if the meteor reached the ground, or if it completely burned up in the atmosphere.

This is another meteor in what has been a recent number of them that occurred so far this year over Florida.

Previously, a meteor was seen flying above Florida before it rocked the skies over Cuba when exploding mid-air while shattering windows and raining charred meteorite rocks onto people’s homes.

And then on Florida’s east coast residents reported being shaken after what turned out to be a fireball exploded in the nighttime skies near the coast over the Atlantic Ocean with a force equal to 100 tons of TNT.

During the same time-frame there was also another mysterious rumble reported that rattled patio doors and shook houses across Florida’s Space Coast.

The deep rattling was reported by many residents which caused nearby military bases to respond saying there had been no military air exercises involved that could have caused the shaking.

And over the past weeks both the U.S. & Florida Geological Survey agencies have reported a string of earthquakes up in northern Florida where they say there are not suppose to be earthquakes.

The earthquakes were happening in locations where there are no tectonic plate boundaries nearby which can cause earthquakes. For multiple earthquakes to happen in the location was an unusual place and event.

The Biblical Prophecies (Matthew 24, Luke 21)  foretell that there will be signs in the stars of the heavens and diverse earthquakes signaling we are nearing the end of this age and the coming of Jesus Christ.

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