Chinese Christians Told Jesus Won’t Save You But President Xi Will

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Communist officials are telling Christians  in China that Jesus Christ won’t bring you out of poverty or cure your illnesses, but the Chinese Communist Party will, so take down pictures of Jesus and put up photographs of President Xi.

That’s what villagers in China have been told by local officials, in a sign of the growing cult of personality around the country’s powerful leader, as well as rising pressure on Christian worship.

This is also a sign of the rising spirit of Anti-christ which leads to worship of man instead of worship to the God-man Jesus Christ.

The move harks back to the personality cult surrounding Communist China’s first leader, Mao Zedong, whose picture was in every home.

Communist party members have toured villages telling people how the party was supporting agriculture and removing poverty, “melting the hard ice in the hearts of religious believers” and “helping turn them into believers in the party.”

During his speech at the congress, Xi said religion must be guided by the Communist Party to adapt to a socialist society.

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