First 6 Signs Revealed In This Last Days Prophecy

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Jesus the Christ called them the beginning of sorrows – the first 6 signs He revealed when asked about signs of His coming and of the end of the age or last days.

Its not realized by many, but Jesus Christ was very discreet and specific with his grouping and timing of the Signs of the Last Days He revealed in His Prophecy of Matthew 24 which provide amazing revelation.

Over time, we plan to share all that with you. How that he actually provided us insight to the discreet group of signs leading to major levels of escalation in the Last Days.

Such as those leading into the Last Days, also signs of spiritual activity leading to the Rapture, the signs of the coming Great Tribulation, and signs of the Return of Jesus Christ down to the earth.

But for now, we have shared in the prophecy video study Signs of the Last Days Revealed Part 1 found here, the first 6 signs Jesus revealed in his Matthew 24 Prophecy as the beginning of sorrows in the Last Days, which by their very nature are revealing, dynamic, and exciting.

The audio, video, and recommended in-depth online course with lesson videos, worksheets, and quizzes, show dramatically what is going on in the world right now as Signs of the Last days that Jesus said is the beginning.

It’s amazing how Jesus as God manifested in the flesh(1 Timothy 3:16), revealed the Signs of the Last Days in Matthew 24 in such a way that they are completely integrated and synchronized with the Hebrew prophets of Old and also the last prophetic book of Scripture, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The prophecy study pulls in and shows this synchronization and integration.

For example, this video-graphic study shows the parallel between the beginning Signs of Jesus’ Matthew 24 Prophecy and the riding of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse in the first segments of Revelation.

The prophecy study also describes what these beginning signs from Jesus are and what they mean in the context of prophetic Scripture while pulling in information/examples from history, science,and events with signs indicating what is to come in the future.

Including what Jesus said was the first and foremost dangerous sign of the Last Days, where this extreme sign causes vast numbers of people to unknowingly believe something incorrect as to Jesus Christ and His Church in the Last Days.

Also, how humankind’s animosities from such as nationalistic or religious fervor will cause a quantum leap in conflicts and accelerate devastating consequences including how Islam leads to a Middle-East global conflict. These also lead to the devastating consequences of follow on signs that are described.

And Jesus also foretold of a sign that God will use to send powerful messages emphasizing His purposes and that communicate God’s timing and dominion in the affairs of mankind in the Last Days.

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