North Pole Surges Above Freezing In Dead Of Winter Stunning Scientists

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An extraordinary and possibly historic thaw swelled over the tip of the planet with temperatures soaring above freezing reaching as high as 35 degrees Fahrenheit at the North Pole.

The sun won’t rise at the North Pole until March 20, and it’s normally close to the coldest time of year, but an analyses showed that the temperatures have warmed there to the melting point as an enormous storm pumped an intense pulse of heat there instead.

The warm intrusion penetrated right through the heart of the Central Arctic. The temperature average for the entire region north of 80 degrees latitude spiked to its highest level ever recorded in February at more than 36 degrees (20 degrees Celsius) above normal.

Scientists were shocked in recent days to discover open water north of Greenland, an area normally covered by old, very thick ice.

“This is a crazy winter,” said Alek Petty, a climate scientist at NASA, in an interview. “I don’t think we’re sensationalizing it.”

“It’s never been this extreme,” Ruth Mottram, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute, told Reuters.

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