Outrage Over Active Shooter Video Game

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There is outrage over a horrendous Active Shooter video game that lets kids play the role of a gunman on a murder spree at a school.

The upcoming game, Active Shooter, lets players choose between taking on the role of a SWAT team member trying to stop an ongoing school shooting — or the role of the shooter themselves.

Those who play as the shooter will be shown a tally of the number of civilians and police officers they have managed to kill during their simulated shooting spree.

The controversial video game will launch less than a month after 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis killed eight students and two substitute teachers with a shotgun in Santa Fe High School, Texas.

Following the shooting in Santa Fe, Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick blamed the creators of violent video games and films for promoting a ‘violent culture where we’ve devalued life’.

Patrick told ABC News: ‘Psychologists and psychiatrists will tell you that students are desensitized to violence, have lost empathy for their victims by watching hours and hours of violent video games.”

After prayer to God and reading of the Holy Scriptures were banned from U.S.  classrooms, growing violence promoted by media as video, TV, and movies, has been unleashed in U.S. schools with nothing available to mitigate it.

These are Signs of the Last Days prophecies of Jesus Christ who foretold hatred and violence would be a sign of the times near His coming in the Last Days at the end of the age.

You can learn more about how violent events are in the Signs of the Last Days prophecies here.

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