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March 23rd We Posted What End-Time Signs To Watch for in Europe From Brussels Terror Attack. 7 Days Later European Parliament Leader Makes Call for End-Time Sign We Described Earlier.

In our March 23rd post titled “Europe in Turmoil from Islamic Middle East – Watch for These Coming End-Time Signs” we said, and I quote, to look “for signs of some European countries from the old Roman Empire to evolve further into a EuroSuperState that further consolidates and more tightly integrates than currently, due to the political, monetary, and security pressures.” – end quote!brussels-alert-for-terrorist-attack

Then on March 30 it was reported that the leader of the socialist group in the European Parliament claimed the terrorist attacks on the Belgian capital’s metro system and airport showed the need for even closer integration of the European Union. It was further reported that his outburst laid bare the ambitions for a European super-state held by many EU supporters.

He also called for a “European Intelligence Agency” to be set up to strengthen the EU’s defenses against extremists. He went on to say that: “Paradoxically, the terrorism threat and the migration crisis could turn out to be an opportunity to finally turn Europe into a fully political Union.”

He was also quoted as saying, “The sooner we realize that we all need greater Europe in Turmoil from Islamic Middle EastEuropean integration, the better we will be able to protect citizens’ security and freedom”, and also that “In front of tragedies such as those that took place in Paris and Brussels, European leaders should put aside their national selfishness and be ready to think and act differently.”

(My, my… Did he read our previous post too?)

This coming Euro consolidation that is prophesied will provide the future power base that the anti-christ will ascend to and begin his campaign of world domination, just as prophesied by the prophet Daniel in the 7th, 9th and 11th chapters. Daniel specifically called out that the anti-christ prince would come from the people who would cut-off the messiah and destroy trapture jesus christ titledhe city and the sanctuary, which was the Roman Empire. And in the end-time, that the anti-christ would ascend to the world stage through consolidating his power there in the last days.
As we had described earlier in the past post, this is a Sign of the Times of the end-time prophecies. These prophetic signs or indicators are picking up speed and becoming stronger -the groundwork for the anti-christ kingdom is being prepared.

How much closer is the appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His Church?