Signs Indicate European Union Becomes New Broker In Middle East Peace Process

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The Islamic world views Trump’s Jerusalem decision as bringing an end to the U.S. role as peace broker in the Middle East. And prophetic signs indicate who will become the new broker in the Middle East peace process.

Muslims across the world view the U.S. recognition of the Holy City as Israel’s capital as the U.S.  taking a side and no longer being impartial. They no longer view Trump, the friend of Netanyahu, as someone Arab countries can trust.

The signs indicate the U.S. will increasingly become sidelined with no chance of securing peace between Israelis and Arabs.

But the signs also indicate their is someone that the Palestinians and Arabs would trust to be an impartial broker to the Middle East peace process.

And that is the European Union.

For the European Union has steadfastly pledged its commitment to both Arabs and Israelis alike to facilitate a two-state solution in a final peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

And the European Union (EU) has quietly been going about positioning itself not only in words but also in deeds to the Palestinians and the Israelis as well.

The EU is not only the largest supporter of the Palestinians diplomatically, but also financially as their banker directly and indirectly funneling support from the EU, US, and UN in hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to support the Palestinians.

And yet at the same time, guess who Israel’s biggest trading partner is – the EU. Israel is an associated state of the European Union, and has a huge bevy of diplomatic agreements with them that results with the European Union as Israel’s biggest trading partner at a clip of about 30 billion euros of bilateral trade.

After Trump’s Jerusalem decision, there is now no other government in the world better positioned as the EU to become the new broker in the Middle East peace process. And Abbas and the Palestinians think it’s time to look for alternatives to the U.S.

The Palestinians are increasingly turning to Europe for help and are encouraged by their harsh criticism of Trump’s Jerusalem policy.  And the European Union has historically taken a more critical view of Israeli policies than the U.S.

And the Palestinians can see a growing rift between EU leaders and the U.S. over Jerusalem as an opportunity to get European Union countries to make some kind of counter-balance statement or action to Trumps announcement.

The Palestinians could try initially for persuading the EU into a strong statement of recognition of a state of Palestine as the Roman Vatican already has, or to press for the International Criminal Court to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes or other charges over international law concerning settlement building.

But the big goal for the Muslim world now will be to challenge Washington’s role as Middle East peace mediator.

For years the European Union has accepted the role as second to the United States primary role as lead Middle East peace negotiator. They have been riding shotgun as a facilitator while the U.S snapped the reins driving peace efforts.

But if something happens to the captain of a plane where he’s seen as veering off course, the co-pilot is forced to take over in order to avoid a crash. No longer will the U.S. dominate the leadership of the Middle East peace process, the co-pilot is being forced to move into the pilots seat.

Previously, the EU in stealth mode has quietly step by step moved into the position to become the only actor on the world scene that can realistically fill the role as broker in the Middle East peace process. Over the past three decades they have went from just a silent observer to an identified actor with leading position in the ‘Middle East Quartet’  when the EU joined the UN, US, and Russia.

In this group’s multilateral framework, Europe was provided the possibility of the greatest impact on peace negotiations. And in such, the EU took the lead in developing the structure and objectives necessary to formulate the road-map for peace that has been the guiding framework of this Middle East Quartet.

After the body blow of Trump’s Jerusalem announcement, the Palestinians will turn to a strong ally who is a staunch supporter of their Palestinian cause to help carry forward the Middle East peace process for a two-state solution in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount through talks in peace negotiations.

The signs indicate there is none more ready or committed to those objectives than the European Union. And it is also the EU who contains the remains of the centers of the Roman Empire and Roman Church.

The European Union is ready to step into its Last Days destiny as the Neo-Medieval Roman Empire reborn as prophesied in Daniel 9 who are the people of the prince to come that confirms a covenant or agreement with Israel.

And also as Revelation 6 foretold of the first white horseman of the Apocalypse with a bow but no arrows, the European Union as the Revived Roman Empire can through  a spirit of diplomacy and economic coercion influence the world toward peace in the Middle East. The arrows of war will come later, with the Red Horse.

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