Sudden & Dramatic Outbreak Of Scarlet Fever And Experts Can’t Explain Why

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Public health experts have seen a dramatic resurgence of scarlet fever in England, a disease in decline since the 19th century, and scientists cannot explain the sudden increase.

Scarlet fever may sound like a disease from the history books, but old scourges of humankind have been making a comeback. This one was once a common cause of death in young children, and is making a dangerous comeback in certain parts of the globe.

After decades of decline, England has experienced an unprecedented rise in the infectious illness since 2014. A new study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, found cases there have reached a 50-year high.

Several countries in East Asia have also reported a surge in cases, including Vietnam, China, South Korea, in the past five years. The magnitude of the recent upsurge is greater than any documented in the last century.

Scarlet fever is an infectious disease characterized by a red rash like sandpaper that can lead to kidney failure, sepsis and death.

So far, doctors have yet to identify the reason for the recent resurgence of scarlet fever.

But in a surprising find, the researchers discovered that the increase was not caused by spread of a single strain, rather, a genetically diverse range of strain types were identified.

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