Tens Of Thousands Of Dead Sea Creatures On British Beaches

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It was described as almost biblical in scale. When thousands upon thousands of sea creatures as starfish, crabs, sea urchins, and fish covered the sandy beaches of Britain like a thick blanket.

When British photographer Lara Maiklem heard tens of thousands of sea creatures washed up on a beach near her hometown of Kent, England, she had to see the scene for herself.

Maiklem described the scene as “shocking” and “sad,” but at the same time, she had to admit it was an “incredible” sight. In fact, it was “almost biblical in scale,” she added.

Crabs, starfish and mussels were “ankle-deep” in some places and dead sea birds were also found.

The disaster is thought to be caused by a climate event when a storm called the “beast from the east” hit the U.K. last week. Its strength caused a sudden drop in sea temperature.

“I understand it is a natural phenomena,” Maiklem said. “I’m pleased I went to see it, but I wouldn’t like to see it again.”

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