U.S. Like A ‘War Zone’ After 500 Tornadoes In 30 Days

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America has been hit with 500 tornadoes in the last 30 days, with Tuesday breaking a 40-year record by marking the 12th day in a row with at least eight tornado reports, according to US forecasters.

Severe weather has been sweeping across the central U.S., injuring hundreds and destroying buildings, prompting claims areas of the country have been left “like a war zone.”

Some 55 twisters are estimated to have touched down just on Monday across eight states stretching eastward from Idaho and Colorado.

Kansas City was badly hit by a large and dangerous tornado on Tuesday, with people sent to hospitals and Kansas City International Airport suspending flights.

Travelers and employees were forced to shelter in car park tunnels to avoid the worst of the storm.

Then overnight, a swarm of twisters swept through Indiana and Ohio and left one person dead and at least 130 injured. Roofs were blown off, houses knocked off their foundations, trees uprooted and vital power lines collapsed.

Francis Dutmers from Vandalia, which is around 10 miles from Dayton in Ohio and was one of the worst hit areas, said he hid with his wife in their basement before the windows on his house exploded and their rooms filled with debris.

In Celina, Ohio, 82-year-old Melvin Dale Hanna died when a parked car was thrown into his house, the mayor Jeffrey Hazel confirmed, adding: “There’s areas that truly look like a war zone.”

Dr Patrick Marsh, warning coordination meteorologist at the national weather service’s storm prediction center, tweeted there had been 500 filtered eyewitness tornado reports during the past 30 days.

He also described the recent weather as unusual because it stretched over a wide geographic area and the amount of twister activity in recent weeks.

There has been increasing unprecedented weather events from storms and tornadoes bringing devastation to the U.S. heartland.

Where two months ago historic bomb cyclones amazingly formed over the central US, and now with the 12 consecutive days with at least eight tornado reports in the central U.S. breaking the record.

The Biblical prophecies (Luke 21, Revelation 16) foretell that earth’s weather cycles will intensify signaling we are nearing the end of this age and the appearance of Jesus Christ.

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