Under Cover Of Coronavirus China Has Unleashed Aggression Worldwide

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The coronavirus pandemic that rages around the world is a fire China lit, as they hid the severity of the outbreak for weeks perhaps months and muzzled Chinese whistle-blowers who wanted to warn us.

The Chinese government spent weeks denying and downplaying the severity of their coronavirus outbreak to world leaders that eventually spread to the rest of the world.

While the World Health Organization inexplicably resisted declaring a pandemic even though their criteria had been met for weeks.

Since the suspicious virus has been unleashed on the world from China, it has monopolized the attention of leaders in the nations.

And undercover of the coronavirus pandemic fog, the Chinese government also unleashed aggression upon the world as they took the opportunity to exploit the crisis for worldwide geopolitical gain.

Think about it for a moment.

Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, China has moved in on Hong Kong tightening their grip,  increased their pressure on Taiwan, and stepped up their aggression in the South China Sea.

They also increased threats on Canada for detaining a Huawei executive for alleged illegal activity, and escalated repression of their ethnic and religious minorities in China.

And they escalated threats on Australia for seeking a coronavirus investigation, and attacked the border of India with military force killing Indian troops.

Amid all this, China also launched a global disinformation campaign to deflect blame for the virus off of themselves and onto other countries, for instance alleging the virus really originated in the US, or maybe in Italy.

Additionally, they ratcheted up espionage and propaganda against the United States, to where the U.S. was forced to close the Chinese Consulate in Houston, which had become a spy center that burned documents in the building courtyard.

China’s aggression has escalated until it seems they will force the U.S.-Chinese relationship into a cold war, that has the distinct possibility of warm to hot skirmishes around the world.

In this coronavirus era, analysts say that the US and China are two world powers who are selectively but rapidly decoupling from each other.

Since their vast differences in ideology and strategy will inevitably bring fierce competition and confrontation as they enter a new Cold War.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party have made their intentions clear.

Their grand strategy is to make China great again recapturing lost glory with the power of a massive modern military and unprecedented influence as their new silk road brings economic, political and military agreements with nations who fear the red Dragon.

And this pandemic of pestilence and the Kings of the East aggression is foretold in the Biblical prophecies (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 16) to happen in the Last Days as signs indicating the nearing end of this age.

These events and conditions happening now are warning signs pointing to the nearing fulfillment of the Last Days prophecies at the end of this age revealing it’s time to prepare now for the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ for His Church by being born again spiritually into the Kingdom of God as Jesus said we must (John 3) and His Apostles who were authorized (Matthew 16:19) described how (Acts 2).

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