University Scientists Create Electronic Skin That Mimics Real Skin

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Biomedicine just took another leap when University of Colorado Boulder scientists created a so-called electronic skin—e-skin for short.

The e-skin is a thin, semi-transparent material that can act like your skin through measuring temperature, pressure, humidity and air flow which could aid development of biomedical devices.

The scientists say that it can do what real skin does, and can help prevent people getting burned or getting hurt. Since the E-skin can basically mimic those preventative functions. At least they say that’s one big part of the electronic skin.

Researchers also explained that the e-skin can heal itself, just by mixing compounds found in ethanol with the material.

The material is made from a polymer network called polyimine as well as silver nanoparticles, the latter which provide strength, chemical stability and electrical conductivity.

Heat and pressure can allow the e-skin to wrap around curved objects easily. Plus, the material is recyclable, which is another reason researchers say their e-skin material is unique.

Research and experimentation continues to rapidly advance bio-hacking which is the enhancement of the human body through the use of technology.

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